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Chris Shockowitz

Chris has been helping businesses succeed for over 35 years. He has led teams, large and small, improving everything from finance, sales, marketing, planning, purchasing, and inventory systems to leading the creation of a $2 Billion eCommerce site in 1999, before you could hire others to do it for you. 

Chris worked at many different jobs before graduating from San Jose State University with a business degree. Then he worked at Intel for twenty-five years, starting as a software developer and retiring early as a Director of Application Development. At Intel, Chris was recruited to participate in many projects designed to envision future products or services. One of his favorite phrases is, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Another is, “Bad News doesn’t get better with age.”

He has also written two award winning science fiction novels, but helping businesses succeed is his real passion. 

“I truly enjoy working with businesses to help them attract more customers and delight their customers while improving their top and bottom line.”